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Posts tagged “the past”

The Winamp Skin Museum really whips the llama’s ass

In the late nineties and early noughties, no video game forum was complete without a 'post your desktop' thread, and no desktop screenshot was complete without a snazzy Winamp skin displaying your personality and illicit MP3 collection. What a treat it is to scroll through the tens of thousands of skins on the Winamp Skin Museum and see the exciting, strange, colourful, and horny range…

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Connecting The DoTTs: Schafer Plays Day Of The Tentacle

What are your personal memories of Day of the Tentacle? Mine is that for years before playing it, I thought it was called "Dave the Tentacle" because I'd only ever heard it mentioned in conversation with Scottish accents. Tim Schafer's memories of the game are considerably more interesting. Not only does he know the name of the LucasArts adventure game, but over the course of…

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