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PCGA Says PC Games Made $18.6 Billion In 2011

Industry PC gaming advocacy group, The PC Gaming Alliance, reports a sunny outlook for PC gaming in 2011. No surprise there, of course, especially with continued excitement over free-to-play, and the multi-billion dollar IPOs raised by Zynga and Nexon for their F2P businesses, but that's not the whole story: "While much of the growth in 2011 came from the growing F2P space, there were also…

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Mark Rein: “Cliff’s an idiot!”

He's joking, obviously. Cliffy B's lovely. Eurogamer mentioned this quote yesterday, but have put up the full interview today. In it, after the terrier of Eurogamer Tom Bramwell stops trying to make him talk about Gears of War 2 for a whole page, he starts talking PC... "Hey, Cliff is Cliff, and he's making a console game, and that's what he's focused on, so that's…

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