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PCGA Says PC Games Made $18.6 Billion In 2011

Industry PC gaming advocacy group, The PC Gaming Alliance, reports a sunny outlook for PC gaming in 2011. No surprise there, of course, especially with continued excitement over free-to-play, and the multi-billion dollar IPOs raised by Zynga and Nexon for their F2P businesses, but that’s not the whole story: “While much of the growth in 2011 came from the growing F2P space, there were also some notable big budget game launches that enjoyed very strong sales, driven by the growing acceptance of digital distribution. These included the large subscription online games Rift, from Trion World Network, and Star Wars: The Old Republic from Electronic Arts… Sports games led by soccer titles from Electronic Arts and Konami also showed surprisingly strong sales on the PC.” More below.
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Mark Rein: “Cliff’s an idiot!”

Yeah, there really aren't enough free high res shots of the man around.
He’s joking, obviously. Cliffy B’s lovely. Eurogamer mentioned this quote yesterday, but have put up the full interview today. In it, after the terrier of Eurogamer Tom Bramwell stops trying to make him talk about Gears of War 2 for a whole page, he starts talking PC…

“Hey, Cliff is Cliff, and he’s making a console game, and that’s what he’s focused on, so that’s what his thinking is all about. But as a company, we make PC games. We love the PC, it’s our heritage, we want to see it be strong, and we want to sell games like Unreal Tournament III and Gears of War on PC, and have them sell as well as they do on console.”

He goes on to talk about the PC Gaming alliance and his actually positive feelings on the sales of UT3. Jump in here to skip the Gears of War 2 harrying.