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Feature: Your recap of the last 12 months in PC video gaming

The Weekspot podcast: The Spotty Awards 2020

I'm pretty confident that all developers that released a game in 2020 would see that as their proudest moment. Just launching a video game during a pandemic is an incredible achievement. However, the second proudest moment for them, of course, is being recognised at the most flash and prestigious video games awards ceremony of the year: The Spotty Awards!

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Feature: Not JUST Cyberpunk 2077!

The Weekspot Podcast: Cyberpunk 2077 reviewed and The Game Awards 2020 recapped

I get it. Every article, podcast and video revolves around one topic and you're almost at breaking point. But... if you're not there yet, then listen to this episode of The PC Gaming Weekspot! The Big Game is indeed a big game, so there's a lot to say about Cyberpunk 2077.

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Feature: The Signing of Isaac

The Weekspot Podcast: We cast the Metal Gear Solid movie and chat Life is Strange devs’ latest

As you found out last week, we here at Rock Paper Shotgun have launched the RPS Podcast Network (two podcasts definitely means we have a network now). While the Electronic Wireless Show offers you some wonderful takes and japes that centre on one particular topic in video games, The PC Gaming Weekspot is your recap of the last seven days in PC gaming.

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Feature: Pick a plate that's new

Mystery Steam Reviews is going to make you hungry this week

While most of us on this side of the world will be waiting a few weeks to crack open the boxes of biscuits, our American cousins had their big food day last week.So, in tribute to The Land Of The Full and their recent holiday, we’ve made ourselves both very hungry and awfully thirsty by focusing on games that involve food and drink for this…

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Feature: I guess we can call it the RPS Podcast Network now

We’ve launched a new gaming podcast, so smash that subscribe button

After compiling the data and crunching the numbers, we've discovered that people who play video games also enjoy podcasts. To be fair, we've known that you'll take time out of your week to listen to one video game podcast for a while, but it turns out you've got a hankering for even more video game-related audio. And we're more than happy to chat absolute wallop…

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Feature: Pick a port that's new

Mystery Steam Reviews is all PlayStation and Xbox this week

In the past couple of weeks, the internet has been full of Smart Delivery-this and DualSense-that. No one can escape the buzz surrounding the launch of the two new video game boxes.That's why this week's Mystery Steam Reviews — a quiz segment on a weekly video podcast called The PC Gaming Weekspot — revolves around all things PlayStation and Xbox.If you can't beat 'em, join…

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Feature: Pixel a part that's new

This week’s Mystery Steam Reviews is about games that look old, but are new

Firstly, you'll be glad to hear that everyone stuck to the brief this week. Not a single international incident. Purely because of that, this one is a success in my eyes. And B, this week's Mystery Steam Reviews focuses on video games that look older than they are. It's faux-retro video games! In other words, fairly modern games that use a pixelated art style.

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Feature: One for the history books

Video: Mystery Steam Reviews – Britain gets controversial

The quiz segment of The PC Gaming Weekspot regularly brings about some heated discussion. But, more often than not, both myself and Matthew know that it's all in the spirit of competition. When all is said and done, there's still a level of respect there.This week's Mystery Steam Reviews is different. I knew focusing on games set in Britain could bring some controversy, but I…

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Feature: Stay together for the kids

Video: Mystery Steam Reviews, but scary because Resident Evil has given birth

Let's just pretend that Halloween is this weekend and we were very timely when choosing the theme for this week's Mystery Steam Reviews, okay?Okay...GHOSTS! GOBLINS! SCARY THINGS! Yes, because it's that time of the year again, we decided to test each other's horror game knowledge (via Steam reviews) on this week's episode of The PC Gaming Weekspot.

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Feature: Darling, it's better down where it's wetter

Mystery Steam Reviews has pirates, parents and meltdowns, as we go underwater

The PC Gaming Weekspot has everything you could ever want from a weekly video podcast about PC gaming. We chat all the latest news, we review the newest games, and we get cross with one another while we try to guess video games from just their Steam reviews.This week is an emotional rollercoaster.

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Feature: Do you know the definition of a metroidvania?

U.S. presidents and Far Cry 3 monologues feature in this week’s Mystery Steam Reviews

The PC Gaming Weekspot is a good way to spend around two hours on a Monday evening. We go through all the big news in PC games, we chat about the new games we've been playing over the last seven days... and we also get furious with one another during the quiz segment.Fun times!

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Feature: The Bull Macabre

This week’s Mystery Steam Reviews is all coffin sex and shovels

Every Monday evening, my pal and I get cross with one another for around three quarters of an hour. Things are mostly cordial, light-hearted and fun during The PC Gaming Weekspot (our live, weekly video podcast), but Mystery Steam Reviews just brings out the worst in us.Still... it's good craic.

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Feature: Live revelations... too

Parkour, zombies, and skeletons with breasts: it must be Mystery Steam Reviews

For those that don't know, The PC Gaming Weekspot is a live, weekly video podcast that myself and my former VidBud Matthew Castle do every Monday evening over on the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube channel. It's a recap of the last seven days in PC gaming, with chat on the latest news, as well as some reviews on the latest games. But there's one segment…

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Feature: It's Monday night! Rejoice!

Chew over the most important PC gaming news of the week, live now!

The PC Gaming Weekspot, RPS' weekly look at PC games news, returns this very night (right now, in fact, 6pm BST) for the RPS VidBuds to entertain you live and on your screens. This week Colm and Matthew will be taking a look at the Halo Infinite delay announced last week, new details on Dead Space developer Visceral Games' cancelled Star Wars game, Epic Games…

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Feature: Live and kicking on a Monday night

Join the RPS VidBuds live to chat about all the PC gaming news this week!

Our charming and knowledgeable VidBuds are beaming live, direct to your living room (providing your living room has some way to access YouTube) once again this week, with the second episode of their new regular show, The PC Gaming Weekspot! Let the lovely lads keep you company while you eat your dinner, as they chew over all the week's most interesting PC gaming news. This…

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