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Planetside War: The Fight Begins

The seventy brave souls who will represent us in the blogwar in Planetside have now received their keys and begun getting organised in the game. We have a RockPaperShotgun outfit (guild) already formed, with lots more information to be found in this forum thread. Do read it first, rather just posting “OMG HELP”, eh? If you didn’t get a key but still want to help in the war effort there are still some options.

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The Planetside War

UPDATE: Sign ups now closed!

We’re going to war! Yes, it’s time to see who is hardest out of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, BoingBoing Offworld, and The Escapist, via the medium of Planetside. Naturally we’re favourites to pwn, but we’re going to need you lot to pitch in. The devil, of course, is in the details, so cry havoc, and let click the jumps of war. (Did that work? Details below, anyway.)
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