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Thy Fractals Shine So Brightly: Polynomial

My Christmas tree is rubbish in comparison. Not just to this one. To every other tree.

I have no complaints when developers add a couple of snowmen, a Father Christmas costume or a giant rolling snowball to their games at this time of year, but it’s rare for a seasonal update to impress as much as the level added in Polynomial’s latest update. I’ll admit, I’ve only ever played the demo of the “musical space shooter” but you’d have to be a fool to argue that its dancing fractals aren’t a wonderful sight to behold. Are you a fool? I hope not, because then you might not be overjoyed by the abstract made merry in the video below. Perhaps try the demo (Windows, Linux, Mac)? The full game is currently on sale for £1.49 over on Steam.

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Neon Bible: The Polynomial, Demo

A videogame, yesterday.

RPS’s own Lewie Proctor tipped us off about this. The Polynomial: Space of the Music is a shooter out now on Steam, boasting a demo, a reasonable £5.99 pricetag and the prettiest screenshots in the world.

Lured by these magnificent images, Jim and I had a play. We then picked ourselves up off the floor for a chat.
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