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Feature: Internet darling

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Convention Season

Ah, conventions. While a reason for giddy exuberance among gamers big and small, they're not unlike games journalism's answer to The Labors of Hercules. Seriously, these stop being fun after the fifteenth interview of the day. Trust me on this. Brr. Anyway. With everyone else on the floor and alit with excitement about upcoming games, this is probably the perfect time to talk about discounted…

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Feature: Remember You're A Wombat

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Memories

Sometime last week or so, my grandfather died. I went back to the ancestral home, met my estranged father and gave his outrageously young wife a hug. In sitcoms, this would normally be where the honey-glazed sappiness starts. But, well. Real life doesn't work that way. Sorry for not being around, guys. (I don't usually like linking to anything outside of my specified work scope…

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Feature: Sales-a-pore

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Merlion Meditation

Hello, Bucket-eers! Today, I'm writing in from sunny Singapore where the food is great and people keep tripping over my extension cord. Also, a word of advice for those positioned for an imminent trip somewhere foreign: never pick a cafe parked next to a gaming memorabilia store. The effect such places have on your wallet is positively magnetic, I tell you. Magnetic. Because I'm typing…

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Feature: D'aww

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bundle of Joy

You can blame this week's title on one Matthew Parsons, who delivered this image of "pig" aka "the plushie that is occasionally called Arnold." On top of sending in a community stuffed animal, Mr. Parsons also shot a picture of said cuddly toy's round-cheeked owner. In a bucket. Yes, there's a picture of a little girl with a bucket on her head in my inbox.…

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Feature: New heights

The RPS Bargain Bucket: High on Life

Hello, Bucketeers! Something weird happened this week. The Internet gave me a dose of that thing called "faith in the human spirit." After having his finances upturned by that thing called a questionable health care system, IGF chairman Brandon Boyer put up a cancer treatment relief fund on GoFundMe. And after only five days? It's almost, almost at its target goal of $110, 000. Which…

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Feature: Whale, hello there.

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Sea Sales

Hello! I bet you were worried there'd be no bargains (plushies) this week. Sorry about that. Family tends to want to monopolize your time when you haven't seen them in a while. Anyway, it looks like the year is slowly beginning to ramp up. New games and announcements seem to pop up every time I turn around. GDC is barely weeks away. All around me,…

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Feature: Bucket Head

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bad Jokes Hills

This has been a long, strange week for me. On the bright side, it's the weekend and I might finally get the opportunity to watch the Lego Movie before it sneaks out of the theatres. Also, I made a burger with kim chi and sweet chilli cream cheese. I'm not sure if I recommend it. While I try to discreetly nibble on my Pan-Asian disaster(?),…

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Feature: Dungeon love

The RPS Bargain Bucket: After Consumerism

How did you spend your Valentine's Day, Bargain Bucket-eers? I spent mine nose-deep in Bravely Default. Also, today's Bargain Bucket plushie is courtesy of Rachel and Sophie, who are nine and four respectively. Its name is Emma. Now, go. Perish from cute that is the idea that a pair of kids submitted a photo via proxy. Those who survive should then grab some hot cocoa,…

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Feature: Trend? We Buck-et... ?

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Horse Play

And I'm back. Welcome to the Year of the Horse, the one creature in the Chinese Zodiac cycle Rats like me are supposed to inexplicably, viciously hate. Sorry about the lack of a Bargain Bucket last week. I thought I could type around fireworks, nosy aunts and people trying to shovel sea cucumber into my face. I was wrong. So, very wrong. (Does anyone else…

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: A Diggle-ing Concern

I have a confession to make. Last night, I allowed my bibliophilism to run free. Books were purchased. So very many of them. Enough to last the next week, perhaps. (I read frustratingly quickly.) And all it's because I couldn't endure being on the Internet this week. I'm just so crushed by this long, legal saga surrounding Candy Crush Saga developers-nee-troglodytes King.  But before I…

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Feature: Salephalopod

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Sierra Adventures

Sierra Adventures? Serious adventures? Get it? Get -- I'm tired and need more coffee.  With the year beginning to  boil towards the inevitable frenzy of conventions and hyped-up announcements, it's nice to be able to simply drink in the quiet for a little while and reminisce over the years gone by.  I'm genuinely amazed at how many memories 's Winter Quest Fest is evoking.  For…

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Feature: Bucket at sea

The RPS Bargain Bucket: The Point is the Click

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, "Man, I'm not going to have a life when this comes out?" I'm eyeballing Everquest Next: Landmark the way a geriatric cat would monitor a drunken bird. The moment it hits? I'm pouncing. What games are you looking forward to this year, Bargain Bucket readers? I don't get to talk to you much outside of these…

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Feature: Bucketing the trend

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Llama Time No See

Good whatever-time-frame-you-are-currently-residing-in, ladies and genteel beings. The new year just rolled in and I've got a question for you: how many of you out there are still mistakenly penciling '2013' into your important documents? While most of us may have already made our purchases for the year in that last Steam-powered avalanche of discounts, there's always room for new games. Maybe, your pay came in…

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Feature: Scrooge's Christmas Shopping

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Indie Movements

God, it's been a long week. I've written an absurd amount of words and I think I've run out of the clever. The best I can do is challenge you magnificent readers to guess if this week's plushie is just a plushie or a cultural reference of some variety. Questionable humor asides, though, I'm looking forward to next week's deluge of Wildstar-related content on RockPaperShotgun…

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: The Classics

Spaghetti Monster, help me. It's sandbox survival week. Maia? Starbound? NEO Scavenger? Spare time, thy name doth now sit in the same hallowed halls as productivity's ghost. Seriously, though, as awesome as the eternal fight for a full stomach might be, not everyone enjoys wrestling with hostile aliens for tufts of wheat and plant fibres.  For those of you out there who aren't keen on…

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Feature: Eyeballing discounts

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Post-Turkey Saturday

The Moderately Great S'peedy, cousin to much greater Great A'tuin, may lack the toned physique necessary for carrying worlds but he does come bearing Bargain Bucket discounts. It's the day after Black Friday and -- look, level with me here. Why are you still eyeballing discounts? Black Friday just happened. The world just went into a veritable orgy of slashed prices. Why are you still…

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Unrelated Words

Ah, Thanksgiving. 'Tis indeed the hour of luscious poultry and marshmallow-crusted sweet potatoes, a time to loosen belts and snipe jovially at family members you haven't seen in years. Sigh. I can't tell if I'm glad or disappointed that Thanksgiving isn't practiced here in my corner of the globe. At least this means the Christmas pounds won't be having playmates. Regardless of whether you're voluntarily or involuntarily…

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Kefkaesque

Sorry if I've got the grumpy hat on this week. What's an Avant-Garde Economist such as myself to do when many of the games that have received worthwhile discounts are also the ones that annoyed me for some reason or other? Hopefully there is still something of interest to you in this week's bargain bucket, and if you'd prefer me to shut up my face,…

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Most Interesting

I've been wandering around the virtual shopping mall that is the internet this morning, checking out which retailers have got special offers on digitally distributed personal computer games, and here's my curated selection of which deals are most worth your attention. Beyond this list of games, you can find a regularly updated collection of the best deals on games across all formats over at my…

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