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Tricera-plops: The Stomping Land Removed From Sale

The last time we heard anything from multiplayer dino survival game The Stomping Land it wasn’t a stomp at all. It wasn’t a roar or a chomp, it was a statement about a change of engine. The dinos were gearing up for a switch to Unreal Engine 4, or so the developer reckoned, but it looks like the whole affair has come to a standstill. Like The War Z before it, The Stomping Land has been removed from sale on Steam. The page is still alive but there’s no option to buy and given the lack of updates, that seems like a wise decision. There has been no statement from either party (Steam or developer SuperCrit) and we can only hope that the game won’t emerge onto the store again in a few days, retitled as Dino: Survivor Stories or, Gabe forbid, The War D.

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The Stomping Land Is Moving To UE4, Still Sorta Dead

A metaphor for something.

There are dozens of healthy and happy alpha funding projects and Early Access games under way, but when the model starts to go wrong, it seems like its going to go wrong in the noisiest, most painful way possible. The Stomping Land is a survival multiplayer game which rode dinosaurs and interesting hunting mechanics to both Kickstarter success and then initially high sales on Steam Early Access a year later.

But all is not happy in Jurassic Park. The initial release was less feature-complete than players hoped, updates were slower than initially promised, and now communication has all but stopped. The only thing the developer has said publicly in over two months was to Kotaku earlier this week: that the game is switching to Unreal Engine 4 and that this has created more work. The game’s community is less than pleased.

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Impressions: Stomping On The The Stomping Land

What the game looks like 50% of the time.

The Stomping Land is a game of co-operative survival and dinosaur hunting. Set on a heavily forested island, players spawn in the wild and then must craft shelter and weapons, scavenge and hunt for food, and form tribes with fellow players to accomplish both without being picked apart by the island’s larger dinosaurs.

Or at least, that’s the pitch which earned the game almost six times its Kickstarter target last year, and which saw it bounce immediately into the Steam best sellers list when it launched in Early Access last week. (At the time of writing, it’s still there, at number 5.) The reality of the game is, at this stage, something else.

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Cretaceous Bodacious: The Stomping Land On Early Access


I’ve never really taken to survival games because, in all honesty, I’d probably choose not to survive in their doomed worlds. Were I to play DayZ, I imagine I’d scavenge a book and a bottle of alcohol disinfectant then enjoy both on a beach before taking a nice long swim in the cold sea. However, a dinosaur world where tribes fight each other atop dinosaurs for the opportunity to eat bigger dinosaurs, that’s a world with purpose.

Open-world dino survival The Stomping Land is now on Steam Early Access, offering that fantasy for £18.99.

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Ride A Dinosaur In The Stomping Land Later This Month


You might think that taming and riding a nine-metre Carnotaurus would make you cock of the walk and king of the hill in a multiplayer dinosaur-hunting survival sandbox, but in The Stomping Land it merely gives you a shot at surviving encounters with the real predators. It’s a weird and fascinating sandbox, more towards the cruel DayZ end of the spectrum than the fluffy Minecraft side, and soon we’ll get to give it a go.

It’ll launch through Steam Early Access on May 30 at $24.99, developers SuperCrit have announced (and VG247 spotted). Come see a bit in a new trailer showing off hunting, crafting, warring, and dino-riding.

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DinoZ: Surviving And Thriving In The Stomping Land

That would chafe.

The Stomping Land sprinted into my heart–much like Jeff Goldblum fleeing the T-Rex in Jurassic Park–and I’ve been anxiously awaiting more news from what appears to be DayZ with dinosaurs. The silence has been broken! Not hugely. Not like the roar of a T-Rex with a bellyful of goat, but more like the squirty trill of the dilophosaurus*. The developers have been updating their site for the past week with more information about character customisation, taming, and tracking. Follow the footprints to find out more.

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Dinosorcery: Surviving In The Stomping Land

Good group photo, tribe. I'm def putting this one on instagram lol

Prehistoric survive-’em-up The Stomping Land proposes an exceedingly fascinating, nuanced thesis: dinosaurs were really mean. Contrary to commonly held modern beliefs, they were neither purple nor prone to incessant sing-alongs, instead opting to pretty much just eat things and kill each other. Introduce a few succulent humans into the mix (note: this is something else that probably never happened), and you’ve got a recipe for a belly-bulging feast – not a fight. Stomping Land’s solution? Craftiness. Build shelters, mount the heads of slain foes on sticks, erect mystical totems that make your tribe stronger for some reason. Maybe the dinosaurs get jealous because they too are craftsmen at heart, but their colossal claws – rattling with death and inevitability – can only destroy. What a sad fate that would be. There’s a video of Stomping Land’s survival elements after the break. Watch for single, lonesome dinosaur tears.

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A Jurassic Lark: The Stomping Land Trailer

You know me. You know I love games with dinosaurs. I think I was born in the wrong time period. I’m more of a late-period cretaceous type of guy. Don’t believe what those “scientists” would have you believe. People and dinosaurs did live at the same time, as evidenced by the totally fact-based multiplayer dino-hunting game, The Stomping Land. See those hunters? See those dinos? I rest my case. Games One, Science Zuheero. Take a look at the trailer. It has traps, and at one point the guy pole-vaults a stegosaurus.
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