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Defeated Anti-Games Senator Laments Loss

I've never seen a better picture

Yesterday, US politicians attempting to have grown-up videogames be made exempt from Constitutional law regarding freedom of speech and be treated on a par with hardcore porn lost their six-year battle. The industry was hugely relieved, but inevitably the losers are not going gentle into that good night, with Californian senator Leland Yee, author of the defeated bill, posting a rebuttal of the Supreme Court’s verdict. He’s continuing to toe the line that games are turning our children into psychopaths:

“Unfortunately, the majority of the Supreme Court once again put the interests of corporate America before the interests of our children. As a result of their decision, Wal-Mart and the video game industry will continue to make billions of dollars at the expense of our kids’ mental health and the safety of our community. It is simply wrong that the video game industry can be allowed to put their profit margins over the rights of parents and the well-being of children.”
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Victory! US Politicians Fail To Outlaw Games

'Sup, court?

Enormously important news from the US just moments ago. Don your most gaudily-coloured party hat – after six long years, the Supreme Court has overturned a Californian ruling which banned the sale of games to minors… and essentially held that violent games were obscene publications.

In the case of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, colloquially known as ‘the Schwarzenegger law’ due to Herr Arnie’s major role in bringing about a State-wide ban on the sale or rental of violent games to minors, the Supreme Court ruled 7 to 2 that the ban contravened the First Amendment, which concerns freedom of speech. Yep: games are now officially protected in the same way art and literature is. The entire games industry just breathed a sigh of relief.
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Assemble: Stan Lee On Videogame Rights

As the Supreme Court approaches the Schwarzenegger v. EMA/ Entertainment Software Association case which will rule whether the Californian law banning sale of certain games to under 18s is unconstitutional, the activist Video Game Voters Network have gained a public vote of confidence Stan Lee himself. I’m going to re-print the whole letter below, as it draws some astute lines between what happened to comics in the 50s and what’s happening now…
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RPS On GRITtv On Supreme Court On Games

This is my favourite of all RPS' silly running gags.

This is one of the more interesting political games-related stories in the US, which we haven’t covered yet. The Supreme Court are going to consider whether a proposed California law to band sale of videogames to minor is unconstitutional. This would be the first time the obscenity law has been applied to violence rather than sexual content. Let’s let GRITtv take up the slack here, who interview Gizmodo’s Joel Johnson and the New York Times’ Seth Schiesel on the psychological effect of games and whether there’s any chance of this coming to pass…
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