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The Dog’s Pollocks? The Unfinished Swan

God, that's a really clever title, innit? I'm a bloody genius. FEAR ME. FEAR ME. FEAR M... oh, okay, it was rubbish.

We’re weak for many things at RPS. Robots. Booze. Skaven. Slightly Sappy American Indie Music You Can’t Dance To. Eve. Pink Pink Sunshine. And, relevantly, fancy indie tech demos which have a good idea and are riding that thought-steed so hard it’s going to be fit for the knackers yard when they’re finished. Such is the case with the forthcoming XNA game The Unfinished Swan. Its conceptually simple – you’re trapped in a maze and have to find your way around via throwing black paint splats. And bar the actual paint-impact noise, it’s genuinely spooky. I look at the following footage and think there’s definitely room for an Indie-Silent-Hill-esque atmosphere fest…

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