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Root Maneuver: The Potato Sack Bundle

What are you doing right now? Working? Smiling? Breathing? Well, stop with that nonsense and go straight over to the Steam page for The Potato Sack, a new bundle of indie games offering £108’s worth of great indie games, including Amnesia, Super Meat Boy, Toki Tori (which you can read Kieron shouting about here), The Ball (which Jim and John talk about here) and Defense Grid: The Awakening, for a paltry £27. I’d eagerly pay £30 for those five games alone, and there are another eight in the pack.

While if you already own two or three of these games you might have a tricky decision ahead of you, if you don’t own a single one of them then this is an absolute no-brainer. Buy! Buy it now! There’s even a Team Fortress 2 hat in it for you. And just in case only one or two of the participating games catch your eye, each of them is currently enjoying a 50% off sale. Amazing.

The Wonderful End of the World

First thing I do in any game is go the settings screen. It’s a complusion; I don’t know why it’s so very important to me that I check anisotropic filtering is at a required level and EAX is turned on before I begin playing, but, as with an open bag of smokey bacon-flavoured crisps placed before me, I just can’t help myself.

When doing so in the demo of freshly-released indie game (and another IGF entrant, but not one of the shortlisted ones so this is a worthless aside, sorry) The Wonderful End of the World, I found simply this… Read the rest of this entry »