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There Are An Awful Lot Of MMOs: Part 2

I can't ever play Lucent Heart. It can't be as amazing as I now think it is.

Sometimes, late at night, I like to browse through the entries on Gamespress. It just makes me feel safe, comfortable, surrounded by the news that the games – they are always arriving. Shhhhh, it’s okay John, games are coming soon. So many games. So very many I’ve never heard of, too. And I think, “The Enigma Of Daggers? On PC? What’s that then?” And discover that Fight For Tuesdays/Cars That Can Walk/Heroes Of Heroic Hearing is not the potentially exciting new single-player RPG/FPS I’ve been waiting for, but in fact another (quite possibly potentially exciting) new MMO that’s being precariously balanced on top of the teetering pile. While (as much as I wish they were) none of those games are real, the following all are, and all appeared on GP in the last few days. Let me take you through my thought process with each encounter. (This is worth it for Lucent Heart alone.)

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There Are An Awful Lot Of F2P MMOs

It's all blurred into one.

Something that intrigues me is the utterly astonishing number of MMOs out there at the moment, each boasting vast player bases, that no one I know has ever played. Every day I stare in wonder at how many are managing to co-exist, intrigued to know what they offer, but never able to will myself past the first identical screenshot. So below I’ve compiled together the MMOs you may not be familiar with that have put out a press release on GamesPress in the last couple of weeks. I stress, just the last two weeks.

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