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Sci-Fi Sandbox Proven Lands Proving Itself On Kickstarter

Jim first dug up Proven LandsĀ back in October, but now more than ever it’s looking like a game given life after an invasive scan of an RPS reader’s brain. The catchiest way to describe it would be “sci-fi Don’t Starve,” but that’s far, far, far too simplistic. Proven Lands is an infinite sci-fi sandbox with a Left-4-Dead-style AI/story director, archaeology of ancient ruins, unsettlingly bizarre alien flora and fauna, a functioning ecosystem rooted in actual science, an ambition/mood system, and catstronauts. CATSTRONAUTS. Goodness, I would like to see this game get made. There’s already a free proof-of-concept tech demo, and you can watch an impressively informative video below.

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Can The Proven Lands Prove Itself?

Sci-fi-survival exploration game Proven Lands – in which you are an astronaut stranded on an alien planet – is at a pretty early stage in development right now, but I am already sold on the idea: having crash-landed on a distant planet, you must find scattered bits of equipment from your craft, and survive the world’s alien biology, as well as your own traits and moods. What’s really got my attention, though, is the gorgeous art and the style of the world, which you can see in an early tech demo video, posted below.
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