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If You Kick Them, Do They Not They Bleed Pixels?

If it bleeds pixels, you can kill it

They Bleed Pixels is in the Steam Halloween Sale, which we’ve already drawn your glowing Jack o’ Lantern eyes too, but since we didn’t have a great deal to say about the platformer at release, I thought I’d write a few words about its macabre delights here. Despite featuring fiendish platforming and blood-stained levels, it all plays out more like N fused with a beat ’em up than Super Meat Boy. I’ve only played a few levels and haven’t seen the new Halloween content, but it’s discounted to £2.37 until November 1st and if you’re craving a devilishly difficult game in which spikes are actually your friends, do consider these dripping pixels. Trailer below.

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Who Will Bleed Pixels Next Week? They Will, Of Course

I bleed high-res texture packs.

Many, many moons ago, we ran an article that featured They Bleed Pixels on this very site. Of course, things were very different back then. The shadow of Windows 8 wasn’t looming over us, Rhode Island still hadn’t achieved its dream of owning a major videogame franchise, and – according to John – I wasn’t even born yet. Also, They Bleed Pixels was splattering its pointy plasma all over Xbox Live’s Indie Game channel. But oh how the times have changed. Now the murderously Meat-Boy-ish platformer is a Steam exclusive, with its XBLIG release dropped in favor of Steamworks support, cloud saves, and other such features. And after eons of waiting, you’ll be able to venture through its impractically spike-laden doors next week.

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The RPS Xbox Indie Outreach Roundup

Yes, the same picture again. I like it.
Photo by Jeff Kubina

Last month, we spread the word that we wanted to poach as many Xbox Indie games as possible from Microsoft’s console based XBLIG service. Today, I’m here to tell you that the exodus is well under way. Here are ten eleven of the most promising-looking XBLIGs which are already planning to boost their audience by making themselves available to the millions of happy, sweet-smelling PC gamers. Strap yourselves in, web-travellers, we’re going on a journey into the heart of our Xbox Indie Outreach Roundup! Read the rest of this entry »