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Not In Time For Christmas

I intended to post a note on here when the paperback version of my book about gaming, This Gaming Life, was available in the UK, and I completely forgot. So you can now buy it directly from distributor Eurospan and have it arrive too late for Christmas. Or from Amazon UK, where it is now out of stock. Go. Me. You can read a bit…

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Paperback Writer

A while back I wrote a book that I'm rather proud of. Although its net was cast wide to take in the whole spectrum of videogames, it was me writing it, so there's an inevitable focus on PC gaming. Topics include Korea, China, Quake, Eve, human computation, modding, persistence, community, evolution, science fiction becoming reality, and all the other stuff about PC gaming that has…

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Architect Vs Gamer: BLDGBLOG Cross Pollination

Games are my bread and butter, but there are few other things I obsess over. Such as buildings. One of my favourite blogs on that particular subject is BLDGBLOG, written by Geoff Manaugh. It's an extraordinarily omnivorous survey of architecture, buildings, landscapes, and the ideas that hook into these subjects from an alphabet of supplementary sources, all knitted together by Manaugh's speculative imagination. Last week…

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Jim Book: Final Hardcover Copies

I know, I know, I gotta stop the pimping. But I've been told that there are only a couple of hundred copies of the beautiful hardcover of This Gaming Life remaining, and at this stage there's no guarantee that there will be another batch printed. If you want to get hold of my book on gaming and gamer culture then now would be a good…

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Book Pimp: Last Time, Maybe

Thousands of satisfied gamers have been caressing their exquisite hardcover copies of my obscenely fascinating book about videogames, This Gaming Life, and you can too! It's true. Click onwards for some more information on what some critics are calling "the best book that Jim wrote about videogames to be published this year", as well as alternative ordering methods for folks unable to obtain a copy…

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Jim’s Book: This Gaming Life

I received a hardback copy of my book earlier this week, which is apparently an indication that it's finally getting released, a couple of weeks late. Apologies to all those people who ordered it and expected their copy to arrive at the end of May, I have no idea why it was delayed. It looks like the UK and Euro distribution could take another couple…

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