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Stretching The Definition: This Is The Only Level 3

Whoa! A lever!
Long ago – probably before my people had even colonized this strange, star-spangled landmass I call home – Kieron posted about a clever little puzzle platformer called This Is The Only Level. Achievement Unlocked creator John Cooney, however, has since gone on to become a dirty rotten liar, because there are now two more “only” levels. So, here’s how it works: you’re a tiny blue elephant. You have to traverse a spike-and-platform-laden room to reach a Mario-style pipe. But then the level starts again – only with some zany permutation that completely alters the rules of the world or even the whole game. This Is The Only Level 3 also boasts a slightly more versatile Flash-based look over its predecessors and the ability to excrete pastries for some reason. Even so, solutions are brilliantly meta, frequently laugh-out-loud funny, and may well be this series’ (or is it a single, incredibly long game?) best yet. Also, if the tiny, pipe-blocking door that is life┬áprevented you previously, here’s This Is The Only Level Too as well. Thanks, Free Indie Games.