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Feature: "dressed only in his starting cloth"

This Mortal Toil: A Diary, Part Three

Brendan has been playing sandbox MMORPG, Mortal Online. So this is how it ends. Trapped between two hissing lizard men and a fatally high, geographically unremarkable, cliff edge. The lizard men take another step and poke their razor sharp tridents at the air in front of me. The prongs of the weapon are barbed, and the barbs themselves are also barbed, which I consider to…

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Feature: ‘Shepherds Pastry’ or ‘Cottage Potatoes’

This Mortal Toil: A Diary, Part One

I am Vegi Roll. Son of the Oghmir clan. My blood is Blainn, my blood is Huergar. Though my skin be pale, my back is strong. I have dwelt on the mountain; I have dwelt in the cave. My form is righteous. My logic is unmatched. Eat springbok carcass. Your tummy begins to ache. I am Vegi Roll. I do not feel very well.

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