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This Week In Reviews – Nov 16th

Last night when falling asleep I came up with a great introduction for this week's This Week In Reviews. But I don't remember it any more. You can be assured that it was hilarious. Seriously, really funny. Instead, we'll have to do with: the only reviews you'll need of this week's releases, if what you need from reviews is lies that half the time aren't…

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This Week In Reviews – Nov 9th

THEY JUST WON'T STOP. Every week, every single week, they release more of them. I haven't finished playing all the ones they've already released yet, and yet they just keep on coming, more and more, more than anyone could ever play. What are they doing? (Except there aren't very many this week). Here are the least accurate and honest reviews you'll find on the internet:…

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This Week In Reviews – Nov 2nd

Welcome one and all. Welcome to the dizzying world of This Week In Reviews - your source for the definitive information about those PC games being released over the following week. Other gaming websites may feel the need to open the game's box before reviewing it, while the majority will give the packaging a cursory glance before saying, "8.2/10 - a fine example of its…

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This Week In Reviews – Oct 26th

For an astonishing one week, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has been bringing you the definitive guide to that week's PC gaming releases. So let's cast our mind back all that time to the very first ever This Week In Reviews, and see some of those highlights. And those haircuts."Here’s the coming week’s releases...""Each stage begins with a...""where they have to push the"Good, good times. But enough…

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The Week In Reviews – Oct 19th

As you know, RPS is the definitive site to turn to for PC gaming news, previews, reviews, interviews, panoramic views, plaintive mews, church pews and naked nudes. Here's the coming week's releases that we very likely haven't played, with descriptions that I just made up: Galactic AssaultThe harrowing tale of one galaxy's brutal attack by a gang of rogue planetary systems. You play universal therapist,…

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