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Dangerous Driving from ex-Burnout developers is out now

It's taken some false starts (and a bizarre indoors destructo-golf game) to get here, but Dangerous Driving is out now and a clear tribute to the earlier, more arcade-like Burnout games. Developed by ex-Criterion developers at Three Fields Entertainment, it's a solo (multiplayer is due later as free DLC) arcade racer where you're best off driving through your opponents. I've fond memories of spending many an…

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Score attack car-wrecker Danger Zone 2 is out now

Some people just want to see the world burn - fans of the Burnout series's Crash Mode especially. Released today, Danger Zone 2 by ex-Criterion devs Three Fields Entertainment looks to recapture some of those mindlessly destructive thrills. From the looks of the new gameplay footage below it's an improvement over the original (which constrained the action to bland, boxy concrete crash testing facilities), but I still remain…

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Danger Zone 2 smashes out next week

The former Criterion folks at Three Fields Entertainment are renewing their commitment to smashes, crashes, bashes, and explosions next week in Danger Zone 2. It's a sequel to their 2017 arcade smash 'em up, which did involve driving cars but was most certainly not about racing. Riffing heavily on Crash mode from Criterion's Burnout 3: Takedown, it has us smash through traffic and power-ups to…

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Crash-u-like: Danger Zone exploding out May 30th

Shh! I'm typing this quietly so John doesn't know. If he hears that we're twelve days away from the launch of Danger Zone [official site], a splode-o-rama drawing heavy inspiration from Burnout's Crash Mode, he'll burst into the RPS treehouse shouting "Explosions!" while kicking things over. He flipping adored Crash Mode, see, and Danger Zone is very much doing a similar thing: you try to…

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Danger Zone is a spiritual successor to Burnout 3’s Crash Mode

A couple of Criterion founders abandoned the EA owned studio back in 2014 to go their own way, forming the unenigmatically named Three Fields Entertainment. So far they've released the wonky Dangerous Golf and the entirely unnoticed Lethal VR. But no one wanted those. What people want from anyone with the word "Criterion" in their resume is some more Burnout. And ideally, some more Burnout…

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Feature: A swing and a miss

Dangerous Golf Feels Like An Early Access Game Not A Finished Product

I've been whiling away some pleasant hours smashing up stately homes and gas stations around the world in Dangerous Golf [official site]. But although I'm having an okay time spilling and crashing my way through a global tour, I'm not in love with the game. Heck, I'm not even a hundred percent sure I've mastered all of what's going on. Okay, so. As you may…

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Destructo-Sport: Dangerous Golf Out, Requires Xbox Pad

Dangerous Golf [official site] is a game about smashing environments to pieces using the traditional weaponry of club 'n' ball, as seen in sporting competition all around the world. In this version of the game known as golf, you'll leave the greens behind and set to work smashing kitchens, castles and convenience stores. Developed by new studio Three Fields, which is led Criterion co-founders Fiona…

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Dangerous Golf Announced By Ex-Criterion Devs

DANGEROUS GOLFSay those two words aloud with me now and notice the smiles we've broken into. Dangerous Golf [official site]. Yeah, that's the stuff. And this is before I even mention that it's a golf game about smashing things. Or that makers Three Fields Entertainment were founded by the co-founders of Criterion Games and include a fair few folks who worked on Burnout and other…

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