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Thunder Wolves Thunder Wolves THUNDER WOLVES!

Thunder Wolves is looking rather good. Because of my time travel privileges, I’ve already had a good play of it, and found myself having a fun time. But those who weren’t handsome enough to get the Time Travel Belt 3000 only have a week to wait to get your hands on it – May 15th. In the meantime, why not look at a trailer of the game? No, not a good enough reason – look at it. Detailed analysis below.

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Hands On: Thunder Wolves

In case you’re wondering what name to call your game, the wrong answer is something like: “A Delicious New Pizza Topping For The Whole Family To Enjoy”. A good name, however, would be “Thunder Wolves“. Sadly you can’t have that one, as it’s already been taken, and by entirely the correct game. Most Wanted Entertainment’s in-development arcade-them-to-bits helicopter shooter evokes olden days arcade cabinet blasters, without hammering on the retro button.

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Pew-Pew And All Those Noises: Thunder Wolves

Shoot ’em ups! I remember those, with the streams of rockets and the videogame physics. Wow, here comes one now, like a hellfire rocket fired from the mid-Nineties. It’s called THUNDER WOLVES and is about helicopters of course, not giant packs of dogs made of storm noise. Thunder Wolves apparently features “thirty combinations” of helicopter and weaponry (which doesn’t actually sound like that many) and will feature co-up ground-rocketing action. Also from the feature list: “Tons of enemies, including terrorist foot soldiers, land vehicles of all sorts, and even enemy choppers.” Imagine!

It should be released “soon”. Explooooooossssiooooooooooooon.
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