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Say No! More invites you to say “no!” in your language for charity

In a world of resigned and begrudging "yes"s, indie game Say No! More invites you to do just that. Stick up for yourself and say "no!" every once in a while. If you speak a language that Studio Fizbin aren't already supporting, they'd like to invite you to say "no!" several times for an in-game voice pack. Thunderful Publishing will repay your performance with a…

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Feature: I think we're lost

Curious Expedition 2 seems to be heading backwards

When Graham told me that Curious Expedition 2 was a lot like Curious Expedition 1, I immediately told him that was fine. Curious Expedition 1 was great! It's a roguelike about managing parties of adventurers as they explore mysterious islands, making friends with the natives while desecrating their shrines and spreading calamity throughout their lands. (I think it was self-aware enough to get away with…

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