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Dota 2’s 2016 International Prize Pool Already Freaking Enormous

Remember how the Dota 2 International prize pool inflation of 2016 has started thanks to the launch of this year’s compendium with a FREAKING MASSIVE SIDE ORDER OF OTHER SHENANIGANS?

Here’s how it is doing so far:


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Dota 2: The International Compendium Launches, Involves River Of Blood

Valve have announced this year’s Dota 2 [official site] compendium for The International – it’s part of The International Battle Pass – so I’ve locked my wallet in a drawer before writing this news post because I can’t be trusted around compendia. 25% of the proceeds go to bolstering the prize pool for the tournament. There are no stretch goals this year but there are special rewards if this year’s prize tops the $18,429,613 of 2015.

This year’s shebang features a Vengeful Spirit taunt where she does Lindsay’s chicken dance from Arrested Development, the ability to turn the river into blood rather than water, and weekend mini tournaments…

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