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Ticket To Earth tricked me into enjoying a puzzle game


Every now and then, I get tricked into playing a puzzle game. It might be a Sudoku disguised as a seventeenth century duelling sim or, as with Slayaway Camp, a hot new VHS slasher flick sim that is actually a sliding block puzzler. A strong theme can override my fear of being puzzled to death.

Ticket To Earth [official site] is an isometric tactical combat game with a neat comic book aesthetic and a decent cyberpunky plot. It’s been keeping me company on my tablet during an internet-free house move, and I’m delighted to find that it’s also on Steam. But I’m slightly horrified to realise that, unwittingly, I’ve been playing a bloody puzzle game, haven’t I?

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Unknown Pleasures: the best overlooked new Steam games

Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, our weekly compendium of the 8-10 best new games released on Steam over the past week that haven’t already been covered to death here and elsewhere.

This week: match-3 XCOM, Nuclear Throne homage, Homeworld-styled shmup, barista simulation and books not judged by programmer art covers. Read the rest of this entry »