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Back To Ye Olde Future: Time Travel Knight

The script isn't perfect, but it is actually pretty strong in places.

Apocalypses are just the darndest things, right? We always want them – I mean, who hasn’t wished to see humdrum societal norms crumble to ash? – but then we get them and realize, “Oh yeah, apocalypse.” The end of all things. No more wildly creative variations on the cheese sandwich or GIFs of kitties smooching puppies. Just desolation. Also kitties and puppies warring against each other in high-octane murder machines held together by flaking scrap metal and fuzzy wuzzy yarn balls. But what if you could take all of that back? What if the End was only a suggestion? Well, then you’d have Time Travel Knight, a Molyjam escapade about rewiring time and space so that all of existence doesn’t blow itself sky-high. You have 14 days. Can you stop the world from ending?

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