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Tiny Wizard Is A Tiny Free Download, Dev Wants Feedback

Definitely tiny.

Tiny Wizard is about a hot pink little wizard kicking spider butts with laser blasts. Tiny Wizard is a “procedural death labyrinth”, which is a death-heavy dungeon crawler for those too respectful to invoke Rogue. Tiny Wizard is this freely downloadable alpha from a developer soliciting feedback. Tiny Wizard is, based on my short play experience, already as fun as the trailer-length GIF below suggests.

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DevLog Watch: Cogmind, Fritz, Tiny Wizard

Games: a bit varied, really.





> Sorry, I had caps lock on. I've been trying to contact you for a fortnight, but a sinister threat has kept us apart. These "bank holiday Mondays" can only be the work of the Indie Cabal, hoping to keep their ranks closed by preventing the dissemination of hot, new GIFs and links to in-development games. But they can't stop our work. Come, dive quickly below. This message is beyond their reach, but not for long.

> Self repairing robots! The Great War! Unshitty wizards!

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