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Wot I Think: Tom Clancy’s HAWX

Shiny lookin’ flying game Tom Clancy’s High Altitude Warfare eXperimental squadron landed safely on the IBM desKbox last week. In the quiet hours between sleep and typing endless alpha-numeric characters into the uncaring face of the internet, I’ve been giving it a go. So should the titular Tom Clancy be proud of the polygons to which his name is attached? Or is it time to grab the ejector seat lever of shame? Here’s Wot I Think.

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Brazilian Dogfight: HAWX Demo

Looks like it really might be time to dust-off that joystick Alec was getting all whimsical about: Ubisoft’s fancy-flyin’ aerial combat game is almost upon us (the full game is out on March 13th), and the PC demo has crash-landed its way onto servers across the world. No simulation here, it’s arcade-tastic, obviously, but this two-level demo allows you to fly with “assist” on and off, allowing you to fly with computer guidance, or with just your own reflexes. And it all comes with some Clancy-tastic military undertones: private military companies are taking the skies to play out Top Gun fantasies over the world’s near-future hotspots. The 1.24gb demo is here. Tell us exactly what you think in the comments below. (Minimum and recommended specs for demo after the jump – plus dogfighting action!)
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Angry Planes: Tom Clancy’s HAWX


Tom Clancy’s HAWX (High Altitude Warfare… Xylophones?) is due next month, offering you lots of shooty-bang action, shown in the latest trailer from the cockpit of your futuristic jet. Set in 2012, apparently nation states are coming to an end, and countries are increasingly relying on modern-sounding initialisms like PMCs (Private Military Companies). The Reykjavik Accords further legitimize them, we’re told. And this means you need to shoot stuff with a plane! Good heavens, let’s get to it. New video, and predictions for future Clancy games, below.

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More HAWX. Mawx.

Gallic air-war game developer Thomas Simon features in this most recent HAWX trailer, telling us all about how computer-assistance helps players in air combat, just as it does in real-world jet-fighter war. Those men in their marvellous flying machines ain’t nothing without a big old calculator under the hood… For more Thomas Simon action, check out our recent interview with the fella.
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Interview: Tom Clancy’s HAWX

This week we got to ask a few questions of Thomas Simon, the lead designer on HAWX. Mr Simon already has a bit of Tom Clancy background in his career, having previously worked on the Splinter Cell series. This time, however, there aren’t going to be any silent takedowns: HAWX (“High Altitude Warfare Experimental Squadron”) is an air combat game that encompasses all the noisy, destructive things that modern aircraft get up to. It’s looking moderately spectacular, and certainly seems like a fresh, non-simulatory take in a world where modern air combat games don’t exactly dominate the gaming headlines. Interestingly, it also ties in with the other Tom Clancy games, as Simon explained.
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