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Tracks – The Train Set Game challenges you to pick up tiny wooden commuters from your furniture

Tracks - The Train Set Game

I’ve been entranced by Tracks – The Train Set Game [official site] – a game about laying a wooden toy train track – since Brendy first brought it to my attention.

Back then it was pretty bare-bones, reminding me of my first Brio set before we got some of the fancier bits like the bridge which would lift up and the level crossing so that our plastic dinosaurs could get past safely. Now there’s all manner of fanciness as the devs prepare for the 28 September Tracks early access release including a passenger mode which will have tiny wooden commuters! Read the rest of this entry »

Choo choo! Toy train builder Tracks chugging into early access in September

Tracks header

All aboard the nostalgia express! Free toy train set builder Tracks [official site] is getting a proper commercial release later this year, hauling a carriage-load of new features into the Steam Early Access station. Arrival date: September 28th.

I’m buying a ticket early for this one. The free version (which you can get here) is a pretty great, serene experience but lone developer Dr_Whoop (or Tom, if you prefer) is clearly been hard at work preparing new goodies for the full release. There’s pretty decorations, new music, mechanisms to play with and objectives to complete.

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Free Loaders: Rebuild your childhood with Tracks

We got our April Fool’s japes in early with a FAKE NEWS special last week, so we’ll be regressing back to reality now. Just pull that lever for me will you? That’s it. Oh no! You’ve regressed us too far! We’re back in reality all right, but now we’re all toddlers and we’re surrounded by wooden train tracks. Wooden train tracks as far as the eye can see! How do you always manage to get us into this kind of mess?
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