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All Aboard! The Mysterious Dark Train

All aboard! I think.

For my sins, I’ve ridden the last train more times than I care to remember, finding spots between drunks about to kick off and drunks about to spew up and pretending to sleep. I’ve ridden the ghost train, petulantly ignoring the prancing employee in the glowing skeleton suit because I thought it made me cool and not just rude. I’ve certainly rocked out to Nite Train. I know trains, I’m saying. But what even is Dark Train? An unknown oddity you might fancy puzzling over in this here trailer:

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Cardboard Children: TRAINS.

Hello youse.

TRAINS! TRAINS! TRAINS! You there, young man! Do you like TRAINS?! You there, young lady! Do you like TRAINS?! TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS!
“Just picked up a new game.”
“Cool. What’s it called?”
You, Rock Paper Shotgun reader! Do you like TRAINS?! Read on, regardless. TRAINS.
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Training Level, Platform Game, etc.


When catching up with Eurogamer, I noticed the mysterious Oliver Clare took some time to consider Rail Simulator. And do a concept review of it, which always catches my eye, comparing Kuju’s Rail Simulator with sturdy 1987 stalwart Evening Star. Which one does he eventually choo-choo-choose? Only witches with a arcane knowledge of things beyond their ken or link-followers can tell.