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An Hour With… Transformers 2

I'm upset no publications asked me to review this. DON'T THEY KNOW WHAT I AM? Still, it does mean I haven't had to stick with an experience that's roughly analogous to someone repeatedly poking a pen into my eye while muttering things I can't quite hear. Instead, just an hour - well, more like two by my count - has been enough to form a…

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Tranformers: Thing Of The Thingy Footage

As we gear up for E3mania next week (our own queen of hearts John Walker will be out in LA attending the show for us), the video trailers will come thick and fast. With Kieron on holiday and Jim elsewhere on business for much of the next seven days, it falls to me to post most of the damn things. Oh, the terrible responsiblity. Will…

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Could Transformers 2 Be Not-Horrible?

Robots! Giant robots! Giant robots that turn into cars! If there's a property more ideally suited to action videogaming than Transformers then I'll eat my decepti-hat. Apart from Transmorphers, obviously. Sadly, them robots in disguise haven't been treated well by gaming, with the exception of the fairly pleasing Transformers Armada PS2 game a while back. The only PC game was 2007's abominable tie-in to Michael…

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