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Writing to Reach You: Two Months With Travian

As I previously mentioned, I've been playing web-based strategy MMO/wargame/thing Travian. What's surprised me was I played it so long. It even astounded Comrade Rossignol, who couldn't quite believe that his perpetual gaming-mayfly housemate was still having a quick prod at that web browser game when he wandered into the room. In fact, since I was playing on the x3 speed server, my condensed experience…

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The Men Who Can

TF2 hasn't been the only thing eating into my social life this week. Prompted by a game designer friend, I've found myself signing up for the broswer-based strategy game Travian (or Travian if you're in the US) on the x3 server. I'm enjoying myself. I like it enough to have analysed it enough to realise why - eventually - I'll stop playing it. But, for…

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