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Free Loaders: Playing Frankenstein With Dinosaurs

Let's be honest, we all knew it would come to this.

You awake in a pool of ooze. What colour is it? You don’t know, because it is completely dark. But it definitely feels like ooze. You stand up and claw for the lights, at the spaces on the walls where you think lights ought to be. You can hear a faint sound. Something warm brushes against your leg. Then again. Finally, you find the switch.

Oh God. They’re games. Free games. Oozing all over the floor. More than a dozen of them, stretching and panting and climbing on top of one another, like crabs. The sight of them is making you gag, and yet you cannot turn away. Look at them, they are so pure. So… free.

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Bedroom Gymnastics: Anna Anthropy’s Triad

I am fully into sexy night time antics… in the form of Anna Anthropy’s excellent bedroom puzzler Triad. Released yesterday, Triad is a free puzzle game about trying to get three people to sleep in the same bed together without getting kicked or getting a pussy in the face (cat. cat. cat I mean). Even when you do get hot sexytimes in ultra realistic games, you never have to deal with the consequences of your crazy threesome. No, not pregnancy scares: the post-coital bed space skirmish. In this game, you’re asked to figure this shiz out or suffer over-brekky bitching.
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