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All That Glitters

This coming Wednesday sees the launch of Eve Online‘s most far-reaching patch to date: Trinity. Arguably Revelations Red Moon Rising had a bit more to say about the game was played, since it introduced capital ships and all the grand space-ganking that they entailed, but Trinity nevertheless adds new ships, freshly squeezed combat tweaks, and, of course, the long-awaited graphical overhaul.

It does look shiny, but I can’t help feeling that they did too well on the original visuals: Eve already looked pretty impressive, and now it just looks a couple of notches up the graphical ladder towards photo-realism… if such a term can be applied to fantasy spacecraft.

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Eve: Trinity

The graphics update for Eve is very nearly upon us. While the first few images were distinctly unimpressive shiny reskins of old ships (as you’ll see at the start of this trailer) the actual rebuilding of larger structure such as spacestations, motherships, and jumpgates is pretty jaw-dropping. As others have noted, Trinity finally gives something of a sense of scale to Eve, with its shadows and detailed textures. One of Eve’s biggest problems was conveying how vast a carrier is compared to a frigate, and Trinity should help with that.

In space no one can hear you scream say thanks, Gametrailers

There are plenty of other changes coming up for Eve too, in the form of major changes to combat, and new ships. And that reminds me that I really need to follow up my last Eve-related post, and about talk PvP in Eve. Maybe later in the week.