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Feature: Recommended time-travel IF games

IF Only: A Question of When

IF time travel games come in several flavors. There's the grand exploration flavor, where you're visiting different historical eras and checking out the set-pieces, but different eras don't really affect one another much. Occasionally they'll use paradoxes as a threat — you have to accomplish A and not B, or else you'll throw off the timeline! — but usually they don't do too many strange things with…

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All That Glitters

This coming Wednesday sees the launch of Eve Online's most far-reaching patch to date: Trinity. Arguably Revelations Red Moon Rising had a bit more to say about the game was played, since it introduced capital ships and all the grand space-ganking that they entailed, but Trinity nevertheless adds new ships, freshly squeezed combat tweaks, and, of course, the long-awaited graphical overhaul.It does look shiny, but…

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Eve: Trinity

The graphics update for Eve is very nearly upon us. While the first few images were distinctly unimpressive shiny reskins of old ships (as you'll see at the start of this trailer) the actual rebuilding of larger structure such as spacestations, motherships, and jumpgates is pretty jaw-dropping. As others have noted, Trinity finally gives something of a sense of scale to Eve, with its shadows…

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