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Popup Dungeon Pops Up on Kickstarter

You, uh, you feeling okay there, mate?

I’m in that board-gaming mood, readers. The one where the infinite possibilities of pen, paper and manufactured cardboard spread out in front of my mind’s eye. You can do anything! You can be anyone! Shame about all that manual calculation that has to come along with the DIY design and tactility. If only someone, say Triple B Titles, decided to do a Kickstarter that took the customisation of characters and abilities but wrapped it up in a charmingly twee cut-out style.

Gasp! Popup Dungeon is exactly that. I’ve never felt so clairvoyant. They’re after $80,000 of real, non-Monopoly money for what they’re selling as an infinitely creative and replayable game. Hmm.

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Top-Down Trial: Ring Runner Demo

I wrote some impressions of Ring Runner’s early stages last year and they were positive, with the caveat that the game took a long time to open up. There’s an incredible amount of content and proceedings gracefully move from rapid-fire shooty-bang action to slow-paced scavenging and ship modification. Originally, the campaign introduced these elements piece by piece, becoming slightly bogged down in a sequence of (admittedly enjoyable) tutorial type stuff. That’s changed now and it’s far easier to reach the game’s succulent centre, which provides all the lunatic top-down space antics you could wish for. An updated demo is now available and I highly recommend it.

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Join The DotAs: Ring Runner: Space Defense League

Officially the busiest game, ever
A previous attempt at describing space shooter Ring Runner ended up with my keyboard being taken away from me. It was for my own good: the game is basically every game ever bundled up into a top-down shoooter. After entering the third day of describing it, the RPS CMS worriedly informed the authorities: I was gently removed from my seat, my hands clawed and my eyes locked open, and Adam took my place. I got better, so I’m allowed to tell you that Ring Runner expanding with a free a DotA-inspired mode. Ring Runner: Space Defense League will be free to everyone who bought the original, but it’ll also be released as a standalone paid-for game as well.
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Impressions: Ring Runner

Ring Runner is a top-down space shooter with RPG qualities. An ARPG set in space then? That doesn’t sound quite right because I spent precious little time clicking on things and waiting for them to die. It’s more action than RPG, but it does contain more than 300 weapons and gadgets with which to customise its ships. In short, it’s an enormous, bewildering game. In long, here’s wot I think.

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