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The Oh Dear Hunter: Tunnel Rats 1968

This is what about 90% of the game looks like. Except gloomier, and not at this jaunty angle.

It’s all too easy to mock Uwe Boll. But I’m not afraid of a lack of challenge. The long-time film director, famous for his tax-loophole-advantage-taking reinventions of game licenses, has become one of the more celebrated anti-heroes of the internet. Equally known for his vociferous and sometimes violent responses to criticism as he is for churning out unutterably awful films, he and his movies are a lot of fun to loathe. And then came Tunnel Rats. Apparently renamed 1968 Tunnel Rats for its cinematic release (I confess I have not seen the improvised Vietnam film), it was not based on any game license. However, Boll planned to reverse the process, and hired Replay Studios – they responsible for the terrible Velvet Assassin – to convert it into shooty-pixels. Bravely, like a brave soldier, I bravely played it.

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