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Feature: Hey, teachers, leave those kids alone!

The best tutorials in PC games

I reckon that when I was growing up I spent longer reading the manuals for games than I did playing them. The thicker the better (as the someone said to the etc.), and if it were up to me every game would come with a chunky instruction booklet. The standard these days is the in-game tutorial, and many of them feel like afterthoughts. Either they’re…

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Don’t hate on tutorials

“Press B to Crouch” under the obviously placed fallen ceiling. Remove your abilities to show you how to aim your gun. Wrest the camera control away to show the low cover you’re meant to be hiding behind. ‘Onboarding’? Vomit. Usability is a mark of all that is bad about modern game design. It undermines all the best things about games, sanding off their edges, taking…

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Dote Night: How To Fix Tutorials (Sort Of)

Welcome to part two of "Thoughts about MOBA tutorials" - I hope you are as excited as I... WAIT COME BACK! Tutorials might sound like a weird thing to devote two columns to given the wealth of other shenanigans and dramas in the MOBA communities at any given time but tutorials (or lack of them) can be the difference between having a good introduction to…

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Dote Night: The Wisdom Of Guided Bots

Tutorials and practice in MOBAs is something I think about a lot. It came up again over the last couple of weeks because Riot ventured the opinion that a sandbox mode in League of Legends would introduce problems and take away from fun of the game.I already talked about the sandbox situation in greater detail here but I figured I'd put forward a few of…

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Riot Might Reconsider League of Legends Sandbox Mode

According to Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, Design Director for League of Legends [official site], the company is up for reconsidering the implementation of a sandbox mode based on feedback from players and the associated community. The ruckus kicked off last week - I don't think we wrote about it so I'll explain the context here and why the initial statement seemed so nonsensical.

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