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Drag Racing: LocoCycle

I looked at the legs of the guy in the suit and nothing makes sense anymore - he has the right leg of Mr Tumnus

There are times when the wait for a port can be more agonising for a PC enthusiast than it was for the passengers aboard Explorer of the Seas. And then there are the times when the wait is for the best. LocoCycle, from Splosion Man developers Twisted Pixel, looked like it might be a satisfyingly bizarre combat racing game. The story of an engineer being dragged behind an artificially intelligent motorbike (really), its live action sequences, starring the likes of Freddy Rodriguez and Tom Savini, looked as self aware as the titular vehicle. Reviews suggested otherwise, ranging from disappointment at the shoddy action to dismay at the quality of writing and humour. On February 14th, you can find out for yourself when the PC port arrives.

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Twisted Pixel ‘Sploding Back Onto PC?

Steam pics are too boring, so this has been doctored for your viewing pleasure.

Poking around in my Steam account the other day, and what did I see? Well, as you might have guessed by that big screenshot up there, a listing for Ms. Splosion Man popped into my library. I’m not entirely sure why – no one else I spoke to has seen it. You can see the screenshot in full here. It didn’t actually launch, and since then it has been replaced with the equally mysterious “ValveTestApp105420”, but I reckon it’s a safe bet that at some point there will be a PC release for what was currently still only announced for an XBLA release. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Mouth Strikes Again: The Maw

RPS knows all. Sometimes we don’t, though. Hush, it’s okay: don’t lose your faith. Gods can be flawed. For instance, we weren’t particularly aware of The Maw until Steam popped up a big splash-message about it a couple of days ago. It’s not our fault: we’re really very stupid. Also, there hasn’t been much of a pre-release build-up for some reason, and perhaps most importantly there isn’t a demo, the life-blood of unknown-factor games. So this is something you’ll have to take a gamble on. And you should because – woah nelly – I think this could just be our next World of Goo. Maybe.

Update – Heliocentric reveals there is a demo after all! Meer fails at basic research.

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