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Rock, Paper, Birthday: We Are Two


Can it only be two years? Rock, Paper, Shotgun feels like such a fixture of the internet it’s hard to imagine a time before we existed. Don’t try – it’s bleak, dank and induces vomiting. This very day, two years ago, Rock, Paper, Shotgun began existing on the internet. (Okay Mr and Mrs Super-Fussy, it’s true there are posts from July 07, but that was us mucking about and the site launched in August, so you’re a wrongface.)

As we enter our terrible twos, it seems important to look back at what got us here over the past year. (To see what got us through the first, head here.) We’ve been a mixture of exclusive previews and reviews, unique interviews, exquisite Wot I Thinks, Verdicts and Impressions, and the sorts of features and wordythinks that make us unlike any other site. What we’re saying is, we’re bloody awesome. And so are you. We love you, and we love that you read our site.

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