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The Division’s Locations Mapped Onto Actual NYC

Cities Skylines: The Division

If you’ve been wondering how much of New York City The Division [official site] actually contains and how accurate the recreation of those areas is, wonder no longer. An enterprising player who goes by the name Feanauro on Reddit has superimposed all of the game’s major locations – including missions, safehouses and Dark Zone points of interest – onto the Google Map of the real life area. There are several fun games to play with this tool. You could jump into streetview and compare in-game streets and buildings to reality, you could try to work out which bits of the city might open up in future updates/dlc, or you could figure out if you’ve ever been to these places in real life.

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Zim Zam Zoom: TrackMania Turbo Released

Oh what a feeling! When we’re driving on the ceiling. They’re special things, the TrackMania games, combining simple time trial millisecond-shaving checkpoint zoomcars with ludicrous tracks crammed full of loops, jumps, corkscrews, and bright colours – with a great editor for players to make their own. The fun continues today with the release of TrackMania Turbo [official site], out now. It’s due to have a demo, and Ubi say it’s already out, but it doesn’t seem to be here just yet. Maybe later tonight?

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The Division: Best Build For A Solo Character

Some folks don’t like other people. If that’s you, you probably intend to play The Division without a group of close pals or a bunch of random cohorts shouting at you to revive them. Firstly: I hope you are okay, you are missing out, no man is an island, et cetera, et cetera. Secondly: I am here to help you stay in splendid isolation. Here are two strong solo builds you can create.

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Everything Wrong With The Division: A Helpful Guide

I’m absolutely loving The Division. And WOW, is there a lot wrong with The Division [official site]. Ubisoft’s obsessive-compulsive need to create games that feature maps designed for the obsessive-compulsive to clear may be becoming a little farcical at this point, but having spent many happy hours tidying up Far Cry Primal, I now find myself spending even more happy hours ticking off icons in their barely-an-MMO third-person shooter. And the reason is simple: the action is good. It’s fun to have gun fights while gliding between cover, picking out enemies with carefully placed headshots, then being told by passers-by that without you there’d be nothing to live for.

Despite being an online game, you can solo pretty much everything apart from the Dark Zone, the game scaling for teams of one – no need to have other people spoiling it for me. It’s endlessly rewarding to find a better gun, pair of gloves, mod for your jacket, or build your own, or buy one from a store. And it features checkpoints in extended quests, which is something I’ve never seen in an MMO before. So yes, lots of good reasons to be having a splendid time with Ubi’s phenomenally successful shooter. But oh good grief, it’s a bloody mess.

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The Dark Zone Is Changing: The Division Updates Today

The Division [official site] is an organisation comprised of highly trained operatives embedded among the civilian population, ready to be activated in times of crisis. They’re also loot-hungry scavengers, willing to exploit any means necessary to get hold of the sweetest guns in the land. The Man won’t let them shirk their responsibilities, however, and in this case The Man is Ubisoft. Today’s patch should put an end to the endless loot cycle discovered by high-level players and that’s not the only change. The Dark Zone is being revamped and there are numerous tweaks to skills and drop rates.

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The Division Director Joins Hitman Dev IO

As the popularity of The Division [official site] continues to grow, following a launch week that saw it break all sorts of records, its game director appears to have abandoned the post apocalyptic New York City playground for pastures new. Ryan Bernard, whose CV also includes work on the likes of EverQuest 2 and Warhammer Online, has left Ubisoft to join Hitman developer IO Interactive.

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Bullet King Is The Division’s “Loot Cave”


Update: It looks like that exploit is being fixed tomorrow. From the v 1.02 patch notes that just came out ahead of time: “Named NPCs will no longer respawn after being killed in the Open World. This will prevent situations where players were able to kill a same named NPC over and over again.” So smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

High-level players of The Division have discovered a way to make hundreds of Phoenix credits (currency used to buy high-end weapons) and collect dozens of special items in less than an hour by attacking the same NPC over and over again in quick succession. It is the closest thing to Destiny’s erstwhile “loot cave” – a fruitful, if repetitive, means to get lots of goodies late in the game. And sadly, it is only useful to those who have reached level 30.

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