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Watch Dogs 2’s jolly multiplayer is spoiled by guns

While Adam is busy hacking the planet for his final review, I’ve dropped into the multiplayer of Watch Dogs 2 [official site] to harass some of the world’s script kiddies. This is built into the singleplayer world “seamlessly”, you just select an option on your super-phone and a foe will become known to you a few hundred metres away (sometimes you’ll be warped closer to them). Now you’ve invaded their world, Dark Souls style, and have to hack them without being caught. It’s the same great game of hide and seek from the first Watch Dogs and I’m enjoying it a lot. But there’s also problems. Most significantly, why does this mode need guns?
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Getting axed in the neck in The Division’s Survival mode

The baseball bat guys got me again. Here I am, lying face down in the snow, surrounded by hooded and bloodthirsty punks, who smashed my bones until I died. It has been a hard life. I almost froze to death, scavenged the belongings of fallen players, and somehow reached the most dangerous part of blizzard-stricken New York all by myself. Now, I am dead. The anti-virals I was told to retrieve are less than ten yards away. This is The Division’s new survival mode. In many ways, it is what the shooter’s original Dark Zone should have been.
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Watch Dogs 2 is an antidote to the grimness of GTA

I’ve been playing Watch Dogs 2 [official site] for most of a day and a night, and I haven’t killed anyone yet. The game’s recreation of San Francisco and outlaw protagonist make Grand Theft Auto the obvious point of comparison, and while it’s certainly possible to take the ultraviolence and careless crime route in your travels around the city, stealth infiltration and surveillance are much more suited to the game’s toolset and mood.

Whatever else it might be, and I’ll cover as much as I can below, Watch Dogs 2 is a more thoughtful, brighter alternative to Rockstar’s take on the open world urban action adventure.

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Can you hack it, fellow kids? Watch Dogs 2 is out on PC

Watch Dogs 2 [official site] is out now on PC, two weeks after our best friends in Console Town got their hands on it. The delay wasn’t surprising coming from Ubisoft, who like to make us wait before letting us clean up all the icons they’ve spilled onto a new map. They said it was to make sure the game “runs smoothly across a broad range of hardware”. Well, now we can test that theory for ourselves. You there, with the Pentium II processor, get downloading.
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Ubisoft have started 30 Days of Giveaways


Ubisoft are doing “30 Days Of Giveaways” as a sort of advent calendar-cum-LinkedIn workiversary thing. It’s a holiday season daily offer to coincide with the fact Ubi have existed for 30 years. I think thirtieth anniversaries are supposed to be pearl things but the most recent thing pearl-related fact I learned was that pearlfish live up the butts of sea cucumbers so maybe it’s just as well I wasn’t involved in the planning for this event. Read the rest of this entry »

Respect the Gibson: Watch Dogs 2 shows off PC pretties

The PC launch of Watch Dogs 2 [official site] next week might be a fortnight after its console debut but hey, at least our version of the open-world Hackers homage has extra pretties. Ubisoft have gabbed about these before and now show them off in a trailer. Sunlight light up the fog rolling across the bay really is quite something (“ray-marched volumetric fog”, if you want to get technical). Of course, there’s a world of difference between a good-looking trailer and a game which actually runs well. Read the rest of this entry »