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Know Your Enemy: UFO: Alien Invasion 2.3

Oh noes! I'm going to miss! If only I was in some kind of first-person system, I'd have been able to line up my shot correctly.

Good news for all those who are annoyed with 2k’s moving XCOM away from XCOM. They’ve backed down completely, made a strategy game and released it for free on the Internet… yeah, sorry, that hasn’t happened. But popular open-source freeware spiritually-derived UFO: Alien Invasion has just released its two-years-in-the-waiting latest edition. I swear we’ve written more about this before, but I can only find Jim’s linkblog from a couple of years back, so possibly not. Improvements here include Alien Activity altering depending on player behaviour, fancier rendering, Assaultable Alien Bases, Crashed UFO Missions and – oh! – lots of stuff. Like tweaks. Nothing like a well tweaked game, I always say. Any fans in the audience excited by the update?