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Pirate Bay Goes Legal: What Now For PC Games?

In case you’ve not caught the news, download site The Pirate Bay – a name that’s become almost synonymous with bittorrent and illegal filesharing – has been bought out for a princely sum, and its new owners have announced their intention to go legal. A little laughable, given this is a site with ‘pirate’ in its name, and also likely to be the end of TPB’s world-straddling popularity. No doubt it’ll hang around for a while, as the similarly born-again Napster does, but it seems highly unlikely the bulk of its existing audience will continue to visit if they can’t get stuff for free. The question for us chaps is whether the potential effective closure of the internet’s leading filesharing hub will have any effect on what’s so often accused of being PC gaming’s smoking gun. In other words: are we about to witness a sharp decline in PC game piracy?
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Uh-Oh: It’s The Top 10 Pirated PC Games of 2008

Another day, another post about piracy to fuel the impassioned debate of the principled hordes. See how we dance for you.

It’s a particularly interesting piece of piractical news this time, even if you generally avoid the shouting matches around the subject. Filesharing news site Torrentfreaks have done some mathematical investigative work, casting an eye over a bunch of trackers to come up with what they reckon are the 10 most pirated PC games of the year to date. Care to bet on what’s number one before we draw back the curtain?
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The Many Doormen Of GTA IV

IGN’s got a remarkably long Q&A up with some anonymous mouthpiece of the Rockstar hivemind, specifically detailing all the various copy protections and mandatory login guff next week’s murder simulator will require to install and run. There will, it seems, be quite a few barriers between you and your hooker-killing; the internet will not be happy.
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