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EA BioWare Mythic Moon Unit Now Just: Mythic

The new official logo.

Mythic have been through more name changes than Prince. The team who first came to attention through their MMO Dark Age Of Camelot as Mythic Entertainment saw their first change when they were snapped up by EA. Their development on the not-so-successful Warhammer: Age Of Reckoning had caught the attention of the big publisher in 2006, and was eventually branded with the name “EA Mythic”. Then come 2008 they changed their married name back to Mythic Entertainment, but only for a year, when EA attempted to splice them with BioWare. Thus BioWare Mythic was born, with the studio helping out on Star Wars: The Old Republic, alongside their own projects. And now, three years on, that seems to be over. While still owned by EA, they’re on their own once more, and from today going by the far more enigmatic: Mythic.

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Enlightening: Ultima Forever Interview

When I heard that there would be a free to play Ultima game, my knee jerked so hard that I fractured my leg in four places. To learn more I spoke with lead designer Kate Flack and found that Ultima Forever could be a virtuous project, emphasising character development over looting, moral quandaries over monster-bashing and more interested in tracking player behaviour than spending patterns. I also managed to peek at a trailer showing the similarities between Forever and IV with transitions into the new visuals, an example of which is below. Beta signups are open now and I might be eating my words and going back to Britannia after all.

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In Des Por-ate Times: Ultima Forever


I’d pay a substantial sum to visit Britannia again in a new adventure worthy of Ultima VII, which is, without a doubt, one of the games that made me. I probably wouldn’t play Ultima Forever even if it was free though and that’s at least partly because it’s free. EA/Bioware’s newly announced title is a “cross-platform action RPG” launching under the same Play4Free label as Battlefield Heroes. What price virtue, I wonder, and I mean it quite literally. How many tiny coins will I have to collect or purchase to redeem the virtues of Britannia. Scant details below.

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