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Deus Ex: Unravelling the Conspiracy

Ooh, that Anna was a bad 'un.

So, we’re going to have a Deus Ex 3 then. As our hefty thread suggests, it’s something we’re all going to be interested in. In fact, with Bioshock 2 at least a couple of years away, this is the next hope for a hefty immersive sim. And we don’t know anything about it.

Except that’s not true. There’s clues out there and I thought a post which actually drags everything together in one place could be useful. From what I can see, there’s three major areas, and we’ll explore each beneath the cut. One, the absolute surface level. Second, the stuff which is buried a little. And thirdly, what we actually know about the developers – which is more than you may expect.

All beneath the cut, obviously. I suspect this may ramble. Oh – some spoilers for the first two games too.
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