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New Gaming Netbook: The Unboxinating

Secret bonus suprise toy!

We’re occasionally asked why we don’t do more hardware related content on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Here’s why:

Today I received my brand new netbook. The faithful Aspire One that has accompanied me the last couple of years had become completely useless after the screen was horrible cracked, then taken over by a peculiar purple disease that now obscures most of the visible area. It was time for a new one. But the quest to find it was truly quite horrendous. Buying a netbook is so ludicrously complicated, with not only an ever-increasing number of manufacturers creating an ever-increasing number of various spec machines, but also with each distinct machine being produced in about sixty-seven different formats, each subtly, but crucially, different than the other. Narrowing the field requires deciding on at least one wild extreme, and then picking from whichever you’ve got left. My picks, because in the end I’m a writer and a gamer: A screen larger than 11″, and one containing an ION graphics chip. Which, amazingly, reduces the field from seven hundred million billion to just four.

And led me to my HP Compaq 311c-1101SA. As distinct from the various other 311cs.

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