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FREE 3: Play These Games While You Wait

E3 has kicked off in Los Angeles, bringing with it trailers, announcements and “leaks”. But sometimes it can all get a bit much. So, this year we’ll be doing a series of posts against that spirit. Our ‘anti-E3’. Think of it as a sordid pagan feast to the industy’s uptight Christmas dinner. To start, we’ll be recommending three free games for E3 2016, every day, to substitute each blockbuster. Three free for E3! It’s also a tongue twister. So let’s forget about the hype and see what great games you could be playing instead, right now for nothing.

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Free Loaders: Nun Shall Pass

These nuns are baking buns

A pack of vicious free games were unleashed in a densely populated area of the internet this week, according to local police. The bizarre attack comes just days after a conglomeration of sabateurs met at the ‘Global Game Jam’, a meeting of the free games underworld thought by experts to be held somewhere on Earth. Although no single group has claimed responsibility for the attack, it is thought that many of the perpetrators were themselves killed in the ensuing chaos. “It was horrible,” said one witness, “there were bodies everywhere. And none of them had any money on them.”

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