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IGF Factor 2014: Paralect

This drawing will make more sense when we reach games with prominent characters.

Every second year, the RPS hivemind startles awake from its eternal slumber. “Hrmm? Oh, we should talk to all the people making PC games who are nominated for this year’s IGF.” And then we do that. And now we’re doing that. Today we speak to the makers of Paralect, a free, austere, monochrome platformer in which you “spatially explore the monologues of NPCs.”

RPS: Can you begin by introducing Paralect: what is it? Explain it to me as you would a friend you want to convince you’re not crazy.
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You Should Be Interested In: Paradox Shift

Electricity can travel through time. FACT.

There’s a feeling that’s difficult to shake when playing Paradox Shift. It’s that sense that you can’t wait to see how it will be implemented in Portal 3. Time travel surely comes next, right? The student indie project from the University of Southern California and the Laguna College of Art & Design has been mentioned in the same breath as Narbacular Drop and Tag: The Power of Paint elsewhere, and it’s tempting to agree. So I’ve had a play of a bit of it. And while it doesn’t have a feature quite so novel as portals, it’s certainly a far more engaging implementation of first-person time manipulation than previous attempts from mainstream gaming. The concept – moving between two time zones, tagging objects and transferring them between the two, in order to solve puzzles – is very intriguing. The delivery is already looking impressive. There’s some thoughts below.

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