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Feature: Aren't you, Unreal?

“The world of loading screens is over,” but you’re still going to make me crawl through a damn rock

Despite the fact that SSDs have been around for absolutely yonks for us PC folk, you may have noticed that one of the big talking points about Sony and Microsoft's upcoming console boxes is how the transition from ancient internal HDDs to an SSD is going to revolutionise, nay, completely eliminate loading screens. Indeed, according to Epic's Tim Sweeney, "The world of loading screens is…

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Unreal Engine 5 revealed with a Tomb Raider-y tech demo

Epic Games today announced the next major version of their game engine, Unreal Engine 5. Headline features include loads more detail and better dynamic lighting, and improved content streaming that could mean (paired with the right hardware) an end to games being interrupted by levels loading. UE5 won't launch until next year so we won't see games built on it for a fair while but…

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