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Wot I Think: Unrest

Unrest is an RPG that takes place during a period of conflict in a fantastical interpretation of Ancient India. Rebellion is brewing, and even royalty and nobles are not safe from the political, social and racial struggles that threaten to erupt. With a perspective that shifts between player characters from different backgrounds, the game shows life from several angles. The setting is convincing and the writing is subtle and effective, but Unrest creates difficulties for itself. How does it handle those difficulties and is the journey worth the effort? Here’s wot I think.

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Ordinary People: Unrest Demo Released

I’ve been following the development of Unrest for a long time. An RPG set in ancient India, with fantasty flourishes, the game received Kickstarter funds to the tune of $36,251 this time last year. It’s the story of five people “who are struggling to get by in the in the famine-stricken city-state of Bhimra”. Decisions are based around political and social upheaval rather than wearing one shiny belt instead of another, and Pyrodactyl promise complex branching conversations. The game is out on July 23rd and a demo is available right now.

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Revolutionary: Unrest Playable At Rezzed

We live in topsy-turvy times. In the recent past, it was illegal to call something a ‘game’ unless it included at least one dungeon and seven dragons. Then Skyrim contained infinite dragons and the entire gaming market almost crashed because of reptilian boss creature oversaturation. Thankfully, the industry was saved when audiences realised that they didn’t need dragons in their games and might, in fact, prefer chickens. Let’s face it, you never see a Dixie Dragon or a KFD.

Kickstarter success Unrest does contain Naga, which are a bit like dragons, but it’s also a tale of ordinary people, set in an Indian city undergoing a revolution. It’ll be playable at Rezzed and it sounds fascinating.

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The Story Of The Streets: Unrest

Unrest is described as an “unconventional RPG set in ancient India”. The unusual setting isn’t the only aspect of the game that is defying the popular course that has been ploughed by role-players since a dragon first got its dunge on. Unrest is a tale of survival on the streets of a city crushed by poverty, famine and drought. Combat is swift, deadly and always avoidable, and there are “no fail states, just failures”, meaning the narrative adapts to the player characters’ mistakes and mishaps. The big draw, for me, is the chance to experience new stories about characters who would be nameless extras in so many big budget troll-stompers.

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