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Hands On: Spellirium Alpha

When indie developer Ryan Creighton (Untold Entertainment) read a review of Bookworm Adventures, he was very excited. A game in which a story was told, with your means of interaction as a grid of tiles, from which words are spelt. He couldn’t wait to play it. And then he realised that wasn’t really what it was.

Bookworm Adventure, as great as it is (and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise (via spelling)), doesn’t really tell a story. The adventures of a worm called Lex are loosely strung together at best. Creighton realised he wanted to make the game he’d thought it was going to be. And thus Spellirium.

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Boggle Battles: Spellirium

Sheep are the only animal I can draw and even then from behind. I can't do faces.

If I were asked to list the things that I most enjoy, pointing, clicking and playing with words would probably all be in the top ten, along with ‘almost any pizza’ and ‘a good book that makes me feel clever without actually being too challenging on the old skull-mush’. Therefore, I’ve developed an immediate interest in Spellirium, which claims to combine Boggle and LOOM, being an adventure game in which combat and puzzles are solved through wordplay. Hopefully, it’ll be compulsive in the same way that Puzzle Quest is but with more developed story parts. There are a few work in progress videos, with no sound, two of which I’ve inserted below. Did I mention it’s from (one of) the creators of Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure?

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