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The Freeway Awaits: Big City Racer

Someone needs to provide wide-screen grabs.

If the press-release that’s been mailed to us is to believed – and we would be mad, crazed fools to ever doubt the veracity of a press-release – there’s a new Free-to-play racing MMO available in the language of English. It’s called Big City Racer, apparently. Following links reveals that there is a website bearing that name where you can download a client and start playing immediately. Can you? I didn’t download it, hence cannot confirm or deny from personal experience, but I have taken you this far. You can go on alone, if you wish. No actually embeddable footage, but here’s a girl in a playboy top is dubbed with an impressive monotone explaining how to play the game, which – as I have previously made clear – may or may not exist. If it exists, it’s micro-payment funded. If it exists. I will not risk endangering my journalistic integrity by making such a claim.