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Free Loaders: Our New Weekly Platter Of Free Games

'No man is an island (with a televesion(beside a giant hand(holding an inflatable shark)))'

In this new column, Brendan will be rounding up the best free games every week. Because, let’s face it, we are all broke.

Hello! The great Porpentine may have stepped down from her giant pixellated throne when she decided to end her column “Live Free, Play Hard” but that does not mean RPS can slack off. There’s a skipload of free games out there, just sitting in the street. This cannot be allowed. So they have recruited me (sorry) to dive into that giant steel container and rummage around like some sort of game-crazed raccoon. I may not be able to do justice to our errant Cyberqueen’s dream, but I can honour her with lots of HOT PINK TEXT. If you have something I might like, please fire it at me via the tweets. I am @Brendy_C.

Anyway, let’s get started.

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