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The Conrad Is On: Victoria II – Heart Of Darkness

Victoria II has always felt a little incomprehensible to me and it’s not just the time period or the focus on industry and empire. When I play strategy games, grand or otherwise, I tend to prefer taking control of a small entity. I’m no Ozymandias – my pedestal would read “Look upon my works, if ye like, I mean, if ye have a minute to spare” – so I’m more naturally drawn to the small-scale squabbles, exploration and expansion of earlier ages. The next piece of DLC, Heart of Darkness, could be just what I need to give the game another shot. As the title suggests, the expansion concentrates on the ‘scramble for Africa’, but it also promises to make the game more interesting for smaller powers. Details below.

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Colony Irrigation: Victoria 2 Goes Gold

You know, I wouldn't mind playing a comprehensive butler simulator.

We are not amused. But we will be, soon! Paradox Interactive’s new political simulator, Victoria 2 (the sequel to their 2003 title Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun), has just gone gold, and it’s coming out on August 13th. Seems like it’ll provide more of that Europa Universalis style no-frills strategy, but with a few neat additions, like two countries colonising a province at the same time and engaging in a non-violent battle for influence. Mm! Features list and trailer after the jump.
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